New Call Of Duty MMO Game?

Rumors Are Circulating That Infinity Ward May be Working on a Call of Duty MMO Game

January 8, 2010 – Rumors circulating around the internet suggest that Infinity Ward’s new project is a Call of Duty MMO. It seems that the developer is hiring staff from Sony Online Entertainment, one of whom is thought to have been the lead designer of EverQuest II, and ‘industry sources’ say that Infinity Ward is planning an MMO game, possibly based on Call of Duty.

If the sources are correct, the single-player version of Call of Duty will continue to be released in annual installments, and the MMO version will act as a companion. Rumors are also circulating that Infinity Ward may hand over the reins for Modern Warfare 3 to another developer in order to concentrate work on their end on the alleged Call of Duty MMO game.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as and when we hear it.

Source: Destructoid