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Deal Alert: Buy Mass Effect 2 for $50 get Mass Effect 1 Free

Who doesn't love buy-one get-one free?

Arc Projector Weapon Arrives for Mass Effect 2 Today

Mass Effect 2 fans can receive a new weapon today through the Cerberus Network. The weapon, the Arc Projector Heavy Weapon, is especially lethal against groups of enemies, as described in the game’s description:

Check Out These Mass Effect 2 Figures

DC Unlimited has released images of four Mass Effect 2 figures that will be available for purchase to display or, ahem, play with. The characters are highly detailed and quite frankly, look fantastic. The only complaint I have about the

Dragon Age: Origins Goes Triple Platinum

BioWare Announces That Dragon Age: Origins Sales Have Reached 3.2 Million

Mass Effect 2 Outsells All January Releases By Six to One Ratio

DFC Intelligence Reports That Mass Effect 2 Was Played By 8% to 10% Of All Xbox 360 Gamers