Mass Effect 2 Outsells All January Releases By Six to One Ratio

DFC Intelligence Reports That Mass Effect 2 Was Played By 8% to 10% Of All Xbox 360 Gamers

February 9, 2010 Mass Effect 2 outsold all major game releases in January by a six to one ratio according to DFC Intelligence.

DFC Intelligence has been monitoring the plays registered by the GamerDNA audience on Xbox Live over the past few months and noted that about 15% of the gamer audience on the Xbox 360 has been playing Modern Warfare 2 since its release. In addition, they just released the news that Mass Effect 2 was played six times more frequently than any other new release on the Xbox 360.

The game was played by between 8% and nearly 10% of the total Xbox 360 audience. While that doesn’t seem monumental, by comparison, Modern Warfare 2, a billion-dollar game reached an audience that was 33% larger on average.

In addition, other major release in January each claimed about 1% to 2% of the total audience.

DFC Intelligence also predicted that Mass Effect 2 sold 1.1 million units in the U.S. in January. They also predicted that Army of Two: The 40th Day sold 175,000 copies; Bayonetta sold 170,000 and Dark Void registered only 22,000 sales.

DFC Intelligence noted, however, that Mass Effect 2‘s playing audience dropped over the course of the past few weeks, which is typical of new releases. In addition, play-throughs of Mass Effect increased over the weeks leading up to Mass Effect 2‘s release as gamers geared up for their next Shepard experience.

Source: Industry Gamers