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Check Out These Mass Effect 2 Figures

DC Unlimited has released images of four Mass Effect 2 figures that will be available for purchase to display or, ahem, play with. The characters are highly detailed and quite frankly, look fantastic. The only complaint I have about the

More Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming in March

Firewalker Pack coming to XBL in March

How Digital Interaction Is Revolutionizing Gaming

It’s quite clear that the newest revolution in movies, and in experiencing them is three dimensional technology. Let’s face it, it’s good for business, and it’s terrific for ticket sales garnering lots of hype. Although the push to create and

Canadians! Win A Trip To BioWare’s Edmonton Studios

Finally, Canadians have something to celebrate in the gaming world. Sure, you got snubbed out of that free copy of Red Faction: Guerilla that came with early copies of Darksiders and yes, you miss out on gaming deals that are

Mass Effect 2 Is Best-Selling January Release of All Time

Despite being released on January 26 in North America, Mass Effect 2 still managed to become the best-selling January game release of all time. Over the course of six days of retail availability, Mass Effect 2 managed to sell an