More Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming in March

BioWare announced today that the next set of downloadable content will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace next month.

The Firewalker pack contains the Hammerhead hover-tank along with 5 new missions for Commander Shepard to conquer. The content will be free for members of the Cerberus Network. All new copies of Mass Effect 2 come with a code to access the Cerberus Network. For gamers who buy the game used network access costs 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15).

The Cerberus Network is part of EA’s ‘Project 10 Dollar’, an effort to get gamers to purchase EA titles new instead of used. It involves a stream of free downloadable content for all EA titles, free of charge to gamers who buy new copies.

The project began last fall with the release of another BioWare RPG, Dragon Age: Origins. Gamers who bought the epic-fantasy title new received special armor as well as an extra character and quest line. The project continues next week with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Gamers who buy the FPS new will receive free access to two extra multiplayer maps and another map pack later in March.

Mass Effect 2 was released on the Xbox 360 and PC in January 2010. It was developed by BioWare and published by EA. The sci-fi RPG is critically acclaimed, netting a 95.64% average on, making it the best reviewed game, so far, of 2010.