New Road In Derby Named After Lara Croft

After a public vote, a new road in Derby, England, is to be named after the star of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft.

Over 27,000 people took part in the vote, and 89% of voters chose the name ‘Lara Croft Way’. Other famous names in the running included Derby County footballer Steve Bloomer and engineer George Sorocold, but Lara left them in the dust at the polls.

The Tomb Raider games were created in Derby by the (now defunct) studio Core Design, which was founded in 1988. The studio created several classic games, such as Thunderhawk and Curse of Enchantia, before hitting the big time with the release of Tomb Raider in 1996. Lara Croft became a symbol of the Playstation era and is often cited as one of the most important cultural icons of the 1990s.

Lucy Care, a Derby councillor and cabinet member for planning and transportation, said: “The vote really captured the imagination of people from across the world and, despite my lack of gaming knowledge, I accept that a majority of 89% for Lara Croft is too overwhelming to ignore.”

“She was created in Derby and deserves to stand alongside some of the more traditional icons of the city. “

Source: BBC