Mass Effect 2 Is Best-Selling January Release of All Time

Despite being released on January 26 in North America, Mass Effect 2 still managed to become the best-selling January game release of all time. Over the course of six days of retail availability, Mass Effect 2 managed to sell an astounding 572,000 copies. The sales for Mass Effect 2 eclipsed the previous January sales record for a new title which was held by NFL Street for the PlayStation 2, which sold 325,000 units in January of 2004.

The sales calculations were analyzed by Electronic Entertainment and Design Research (EEDAR), who also say that game sales aren’t likely to decline considering the host of big name titles coming out early in the year. From Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2 to Heavy Rain and God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, among others, gamers are being blessed with a huge selection of high-budget, highly anticipated and critically acclaimed titles early in the year, which is typically a quiet season for the games industry following the barrage of titles that usually arrive in the Holiday season.

EEDAR says that they will be watching sales of Dante’s Inferno to see whether it will surpass it’s sales target of 500,000 units over three months. The news regarding Mass Effect 2‘s sales is an excellent break for the industry, which has largely seen declines in sales and profits over the past year.

Source: Joystiq