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“Killzone: Intercept” an Upcoming Live-Action Short Film by Brain Curtin

  Over at Facebook, “Killzone – The Official Page” and Infectious Designer have announced the upcoming new live-action short “Killzone: Intercept”.

Planet Helghan’s Emperor Trying to Win Over the Coming Onslaught With Chocolate

Planet Helghan is set to be invaded next week with the release of Killzone 3. Their emperor is sending out Valentine cards in advance. More details after the jump.

Guerilla Games: Killzone 3 “Pushes 100%” of PS3’s SPU Load

The recent reveal of Killzone 3 has gamer’s wondering what type of content the new shooter will contain, and what revolutionary steps Guerilla Games and Naughty Dog will be taking in developing the game. Apparently, the technical abilities of Killzone