Guerilla Games: Killzone 3 “Pushes 100%” of PS3’s SPU Load

The recent reveal of Killzone 3 has gamer’s wondering what type of content the new shooter will contain, and what revolutionary steps Guerilla Games and Naughty Dog will be taking in developing the game. Apparently, the technical abilities of Killzone 3 will be impressive, with Guerilla Games’ Managing Director Hermen Hulst saying that the studio is “going way overboard” for Killzone 3, and will use “100 percent” of the processing capabilities of the PlayStation 3.

According to Hulst, Killzone 2 used around 60 percent of the PlayStation 3’s processing capabilities, and by all accounts, though the world of Killzone 2 was a bit grey, the game itself was a technological beauty that topped what everyone had previously seen on the PlayStation 3.

“But I think we’re pushing 100 percent right now,” said Hulst in an interview with VG247 at the game’s formal reveal earlier this month in Amsterdam. “You see there’s steam coming out of the machine, almost.

“All the stuff that we’re squeezing. It’s go everything to do with the scale and the environments and the action that you’re seeing on the screen right now. As I was talking about earlier in the presentation, we’re having a footprint of a level that’s ten times bigger than the average Killzone 2 level. Killzone 2 was not a small game, but that was as far as we could push it back then.”

Killzone 3 is sounding awfully impressive, and the recent news that Naughty Dog will also be working on the game can only be seen as a boon for the shooter. After all, Naughty Dog developed Uncharted 2, last year’s nearly unanimous Game of the Year winner across the industry, including here at Terminal Gamer.

Killzone 3 will be arriving next year on the PlayStation 3.