Planet Helghan’s Emperor Trying to Win Over the Coming Onslaught With Chocolate

Planet Helghan is set to be invaded next week with the release of Killzone 3. Their emperor is sending out Valentine cards in advance. More details after the jump.

Could the Emperor Scholar Visari be worried? What would possess a man to send out Valentine cards and chocolate to the very soldiers that are coming to take him out? Could these chocolate bars be laced with poison?

It reads:

Emperor Scholar Visari, self-proclaimed Autarch of the planet Helghan

  • Strong-willed, ruthless & unwilling to negotiate
  • Believed that the Helghast are the superior race
  • Invaded neighboring planet Vekta, killing innocent men, women & children
  • Nuked his own people in the Helghan capital city Pyhrrus
  • He ruled Helghan with an iron fist


Happy Valentines Day – Hugs & Killzone 3 XOX

Would this deter you from invading Helghan, or would you want diamonds instead?