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Five Things We Learned from the Just Cause 2 Demo

Thursday saw the release of one of the most highly anticipated game demos of 2010, Eidos’ Just Cause 2, the sequel to Just Cause which was an open world action game that was equal parts Red Faction and Grand Theft

Just Cause 2 Demo Arrives March 4

The demo for Just Cause 2 will arrive on March 4th for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 platforms. The demo will feature a gigantic explorable area of 35 square miles. That expanse, twice the size of the world

Just Cause 2 Demo On Its Way

Eidos Announces That Demo Is Coming, No Specifics Revealed Yet

Just Cause 2 Pre-Order Bonus Trailer

Where Else Can You Get a Hovertank For $5?

Just Cause 2 Pre-Orders Justly Rewarded

Just Cause 2 Pre-Orders Will Receive Tons of Perks