Just Cause 2 Pre-Order Bonus Trailer

Where Else Can You Get a Hovertank For $5?

January 25, 2010 – In early March, Eidos will release Just Cause 2 a sequel to the original game of same named that put players in the shoes of Rico Rodriguez and all-around super agent tasked with creating unrest in a tormented country to try and incite revolution. The game met with pretty mediocre reception, despite innovating the open world game with clever use of a parachute and being able to pull off incredible stunts like skydiving right into a car and stealing it.

Eidos is looking to improve with the sequel, this time improving the graphics and blowing out the game world to be one of the largest we’ve seen in the open world “sandbox” genre. They’ve also added a grappling hook that can be deployed to attach to anything in the world and even can connect two objects, say an explosive canister and a car, or even an enemy to an airplane.

Clearly gadgets and cool stunts are going to be the hallmarks of this game, and Eidos is looking to really up the excitement with a bunch of different pre-order and DLC bonuses ready for the launch of the game. Below is the official “Pre-order bonus” trailer which depicts among other things, a special hand-gun for Rico and a hovertank that looks like it might be the most dominating vehicle in the entire game. Be sure to watch till the end of the trailer to get another look at some of the fun that you can have with the grappling hook and your enemies. Eidos provided a full list of the pre-order items, found below:

· Agency Hovercraft

Aside from being able to traverse pretty much any terrain, this special tank comes equipped with a turret-mounted grenade launcher, a must have for all you would be secret agents.

· Rico’s Signature Gun

Touted as being “customized for Rico Rodriguez’ shooting style”. Not sure what that means exactly, but expect this weapon to be a powerful go to item when things get messy.

· Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle

More powerful than the standard assault rifle, this lightweight and lethal automatic rifle features increased accuracy and a higher magnification scope

· Chevalier Classic

Every cool super agent has a great car, its a rule. Even Vin Diesel had a pretty awesome car in XXX. Rico Rodriguez is no different with his classic black Chevy-lookalike.

· Chaos Parachute

Doesn’t appear to be any different from the normal parachute, aside from the cool emblem. Probably the least important bonus item.

A quick check of all the usual retailers reveals that the hand-gun is the exclusive pre-order of Gamestop, while Amazon has the Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle. The “Chevalier Classic” car comes with a pre-order from BestBuy. No word yet on whether the Hovertank or parachute are exclusives to some other retailer (Wal-Mart and Target have yet to list any special pre-order bonus on their site), but if anyone happens to see an advertisement, leave us a comment below.

Source: Eidos