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Ultimate Editions Coming to PlayStation Store Today

Today, Paul Sullivan / Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms has announced that for May 29th, the PlayStation Store will be treated to some amazing bundled up game deals! Details after the jump.  

Just Cause 2’s ‘Stunt Challenge’ Winner Grabs $10,000

 Back in March of this year, the call was put out for the most daring, courageous and possibly insane Just Cause 2 fans to put their skills to the test. The task was to create the most death-defying, difficult stunts

Drive A Tuk Tuk Make Things Go Boom Boom With Free Just Cause 2 DLC

Rejoice, Just Cause 2 players, for Square Enix and Avalanche Studios is releasing a free downloadable content pack containing that glorious little Tuk Tuk you see in the picture there. The reason for this little goodie is simply a thank

Just Cause 2 Explodes With Another New Black Market DLC Pack

Just Cause 2 gets Black Market "Boom" Pack for download on PSN, Steam, and Xbox Live Marketplace.

Review – Just Cause 2

I must begin by apologizing for the lateness of the review. The perfect storm of the Easter holiday and my three day jaunt at PAX East have conspired to reduce my otherwise absurd amount of gaming time down to that