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Dragon Age 2 Gets A “Director’s Cut” Trailer

Tweet Last week at gamescom, BioWare revealed more of Dragon Age 2 through a short “Destiny” trailer. Now, BioWare has unveiled an even bigger version of the trailer, the “Director’s Cut.” Get it in HD after the break.

Dragon Age II Getting A Little Bit Of Shepard?

Dragon Age II is heading in the same direction as Mass Effect. GameInformer revealed yesterday that the main character in Dragon Age II will be Hawke, a fully-voiced, human character. Hawke will be either a man or a woman depending

First Dragon Age 2 Details Revealed

Dragon Age 2 was a surprising no-show at E3 2010. In fact, BioWare was notably almost MIA, with only Star Wars: The Old Republic showing up. There was no mention of the rumored Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect 3,

EA Reveals Medal of Honor Release Date

EA Also Unveils “Shooter from Epic” and Dead Space 2 Release Timeframe