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Techland’s and Deep Silver’s Dead Island Reveals its Last Character

The zombie take over is rapidly approaching. Who can stand up to the oncoming hordes? The last character in Dead Island has been revealed. Check her out, along with screen shots of her in action, after the jump.

Dead Island: The Book to Release Alongside the Game

  Deep Silver has just announced the companion book. More details after the jump.

Deep Silver’s Dead Island takes over PlayStation Home

Mysterious zombie apocalypse spreads on Central Plaza in PlayStation®Home. More details after the jump.

Grab Three Friends and Pre-order Dead Island From Steam for a Friendly Discount

PC Gamers are in for a special discount treat, but only if they have real friends. Get the details after the jump.

Real Doctors Discuss The Science of Zombies and Dead Island at Comic-Con

Top Neuroscience Professionals Converge with World’s foremost Zombie Authorities to Discuss the Threat of a “Real Zombie Apocalypse” and Examine the Myths and Truths of the Zombified Human Brain. More details after the jump.