Techland’s and Deep Silver’s Dead Island Reveals its Last Character

The zombie take over is rapidly approaching. Who can stand up to the oncoming hordes? The last character in Dead Island has been revealed. Check her out, along with screen shots of her in action, after the jump.

Dead Island’s release is less than a month away and the final playable character has been revealed. She hails from down under.  Straight from the streets of Sydney, Australia. A former cop who took the law into her own hands.



Purna is a former officer of the Sydney Police department. After losing her career when she killed a child molester who couldn’t be touched legally because of his wealth and connections, Purna then turned to working as a bodyguard for VIPs in dangerous places all over the world.  She’s hired not just for her skills but her looks as wealthy men didn’t mind showing up with Purna on their arm.

Are you ready to take on the zombies?

We are!