Grab Three Friends and Pre-order Dead Island From Steam for a Friendly Discount

PC Gamers are in for a special discount treat, but only if they have real friends. Get the details after the jump.

Deep Silver has announced that Dead Island is available for pre-purchase on Steam for PC fans, and with a pretty damn good pre-purchase offer to go with it! If you planned on taking advantage of the 4 player seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op with some of your buddies, four of you can get together and purchase a 4-copy bundle for $149.97, essentially letting you each get your own copy of the game for $39.99 instead of the standard $49.99 for the PC version.

On top of that, whether you pre-purchase a single copy or the bundle, you’ll get the Ripper exclusive preorder weapon – if you recall the Ripper is a combo bat/buzzsaw, great for hedge trimming, etc. AND you’ll also get the first DLC pack, Bloodbath Arena, for free when it releases! Bloodbath Arena is a separate game mode with four different arenas where you’ll encounter waves and waves and OMG SO MANY WAVES of zombies to kill and loot and greedily stuff all the money and weapons into your pants and run back to your regular game with dollar bills and XP.

The Ripper

Pre-order the game now on steam, and be ready to blast away zombies on September the 6th.

Will we be seeing you online? What’s your console or PC of choice? Let us know below.