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Review – Final Exam

  It’s time for your Final Exam, but can you pass the test? Is the game even worth your test taking time? What kind of a test is it anyway? Read our review to find the answers to most of

Review – The Walking Dead: Episode 1

The Walking Dead makes the jump from comic series, to TV series, and now to video game series. Does it make a successful transition to an interactive form, or is it just a dead game walking? Read our review to

Review – Shoot Many Robots

You are a hillbilly named P. Walter Tugnut (The “P” stands for “Pickles”) and robots destroyed your truck and stole what was left. Time to grab a beer and take revenge using guns, flame-throwers, and anything else not tied down.

Review – Scarygirl

Nathan Jurevicius’ award winning graphic novel is now alive on the PlayStation Network. Is the video game worthy of its award winning title, or did it just scare us off? Read our review to find out.  

Review – Trine 2

  Trine brought with it some fun platforming and cool puzzles, with local only co-op. Developer Frozenbyte added online co-op with Trine 2. Does that make the sequel better than the original? Read our review to find out.