Review – Shoot Many Robots

You are a hillbilly named P. Walter Tugnut (The “P” stands for “Pickles”) and robots destroyed your truck and stole what was left. Time to grab a beer and take revenge using guns, flame-throwers, and anything else not tied down.

Is this game worth your time, or should it be left on the junk heap? Read our review to find out.


Rednecks, guns and beer. Helluva combination for a video game. Throw in a robot apocalypse and you get the big picture. Tugnut was just minding his own business one day when robots decided to take his truck. What good is a redneck without his truck? Lucky for him, and not so lucky for those thievin’ robots, he has an RV with a stockpile of guns and ammo. Now all he needs is some of his redneck friends to jump in and help him Shoot Many Robots. You just don’t mess with a man’s truck. How stupid can these robots be?

Buddies & Beer

Shoot Many Robots is a side scrolling, robot blasting shooter that allows for up to a 4 player co-op. The game automatically adjusts the difficulty and number of robots based on how many players are with you. This is a nice little feature that more games should use. Playing by yourself is OK, but playing with a group of friends really makes the game more fun. Having more robots to blast also makes the game a bit harder, but once you have started using the expansive upgrade system, robots will turn into pile of scrap in no time.

As you blast your way through the levels, the robots you destroy will leave nuts behind. Gather these up and you can use them as in-game currency to purchase weapons and gear you’ll unlock along your way. Customization is a big part of SMR and wearing the right gear for your situation, or group, can help you immensely.You should equip gear to fit your game style. There’s a sniper rifle and a jet pack that can make you a more tactical player. You can go the heavy route with a big gun and heavy armor with health boosts.

Whatever your style, if you’re playing with friends, try to create a team that is well balanced. Costume customization is both humorous and tactical. You might think dressing up as a princess wouldn’t help you out, but you would be wrong. Each costume piece adds to your overall stats in one way or another, so dress to fit your style of play.

The weapons in the game range from your initial machine pistol, to an RPG and to the way too powerful flame thrower. Fully upgraded, the flame thrower is all you really need. Shotguns are effective for close range, but don’t expect to reach out and touch a robot with one. The weapons you start out with are a little on the weak side, and tends to make the initial combat more monotonous then fun. Until upgraded, it will take more than a few bullets to take out some of the robots. Once you have unlocked more of the weapons, and have had chance to upgrade them, the game really starts to take the fun to a new level. If you don’t mind a slow going at first, the wait is worth it.

The graphics for the game aren’t bad. It has a certain art style that fits the genre well. There aren’t that many designs as far as robots go, but there’s enough to give you a variety to blast. Each type of robot has its own style of play that range from pesky little critters that fly overhead and annoy you with rockets to pesky little critters that will bull rush you. There are also some big bad boys for boss battles. There’s enough variety to make the game challenging and fun.

Taking on the Six-pack

Shoot Many Robots isn’t heavy on story, and the title pretty much sums up the game. Here’s a gun, go shoot some robots. What it lacks in substance, it makes up for in customization and pure game play.