Good Old Games Isn’t Dead After All

As many of you may know, several days ago, Good Old Games acted as though they were closing their doors. No more King’s Quest, no more Fallout, no more Gabriel Knight. No more Good Old Games. There was a huge eruption on the internet, and then, today, a press conference.

The team behind Good Old Games showed up today in monk’s robes and proceeded to announce that the site isn’t closing down, but rather, is leaving beta stage and entering a final, complete stage. The website will be slick and ready to bring even better old games.

The new site will feature Facebook integration that will allow users to “Like” games. It will also include a new recommendation system based upon previous game purchases and ratings, a download calculator, GoGmixes, user-created lists of titles a la Amazon Lists, and the team announced Baldur’s Gate will be added to the game collection starting tomorrow at 9 AM EST.

What are your thoughts on the saga? Glad it’s back? Pissed off about the stunt? I, for one, am just glad I can get more old games. I haven’t played Phantasmagoria since I was 10 and I think I need to be scared again.