Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta Beginning July 5

According to a listing at UK gaming retailer, the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta will begin on July 5.

Apparently, gamers in the UK who pre-order a copy of Medal of Honor form Play will get access to the beta via a code. No word yet on how US gamers will gain access to the beta, but it’s safe to assume it will be through retailers such as GameStop, Best Buy and WalMart.

The online multiplayer beta is a great way to test out the multiplayer portion of the game and ensure that glitches and exploits are kept to a minimum. It seems that more and more developers and publishers are using betas for two reasons:

To test their games for exploits, particularly in the wake of Modern Warfare 2’s no beta, exploit-filled multiplayer experience.

And, to get their game out their, excite people and build hype.

We’re looking forward to checking out the Medal of Honor beta when it comes around. Keep an eye out for impressions here and we’ll update if we find out anything about the beta in the U.S. and Canada.

Source: VG247