Hip-Hop Artist Drake To Voice Gears of War 3’s Jace Stratton

When it comes to Gears of War one doesn’t normally think Grammy-nominated hip-hop, but that’s exactly what Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games thought. With the upcoming, April 2011, release of the massively anticipated Gears of War 3 and the addition of a new character, Jace Stratton, you need a voice. Epic found that voice in”Drake”, the hip-hop artist with songs such as “Over,” “Miss Me,” and “Find Your Love.”

“Jace is a central character in the comic books, so he was an obvious choice as a character we wanted to bring into the third game,” said Epic Executive Producer Rod Fergusson. “When we began casting for the role, ‘So Far Gone’ had just released and Drake’s combination of heart and grit was just what we were looking for. Rather than search for somebody who sounded like him, it was clear that we should approach him directly… fortunately he turned out to be a huge fan.”

Accompanying this arrival of Stratton comes the capability to play co-op campaign mode with not one of your friends, not two, but three friends for a total of four player cooperative gameplay. Now you can get frustrated at all of your friends at once instead of having to wait for a turn.

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