Review – Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Travel back to a simpler time where automatic weapons are operated by a crank handle and modern warfare is a thing of the future. The Old West is wild and untamed, and thar’s gold in them thar hills…. errr hiding spots.

Lead and Gold is an online multiplayer-only game created by Fatshark Games with a variety of game modes and 4 unique classes to choose from. Each class provides a separate synergy effect which aids any teammate that is nearby, which in turn rewards a team for working together. This teamwork system is a nice addition that should be added to more games.

The classes are as follows:

  • The Gunslinger: packs a heavy speed-loading revolver and is most effective at close to medium range. He is proficient in Fanning, a shooting technique that increases his rate of fire at the cost of reduced accuracy. He radiates the Accuracy synergy effect
  • The Trapper: best suited for long-range sniping. She is armed with a powerful hunting rifle and a medium caliber revolver. Her speciality is laying traps that temporarily snare her opponents. She can lay an unlimited number of traps but only two can be active at once; a third trap will replace the oldest active trap. If a trap is spotted, it can be removed by weapon fire. She radiates the Criticals synergy effect.
  • The Deputy: most effective at medium to long range. He is armed with a repeater carbine and a medium caliber revolver as his sidearm. His special trait is the ability to tag enemies, effectively making them visible even through cover to himself and his gang. A Deputy can also remove tags from gangmates in his vicinity by pressing the action button. He radiates the Damage synergy effect.
  • The Blaster: a close range specialist wielding a double-barrelled shotgun, lethal at point-blank range. Aside from his backup revolver, the Blaster carries a bag of dynamite sticks, the Wild West equivalent of hand grenades. He radiates the Armor synergy effect.

Gameplay can be fast and effective, or slow and painstaking depending on teamwork, or lack thereof. Headsets are enabled and voice chat can go a long way to assist your team in the matches.

There are several types of game modes including your typical team deathmatch called Shootout. Powder Keg, where you take turns trying to blow up or defend objectives. Greed where you are trying to steal as many gold sacks as possible. Robbery where you have to blow up targets in order to access the gold you want to steal. There is also Conquest which is a standard zone type game where you are either capturing or defending different zones.

As you play along you will earn XP pints that increase your synergy effect. You can earn XP by doing team tasks, reviving your buddies, or eliminating the enemy gang. Taking out a bad guy can sometimes require shooting them until they drop, and then a secondary killshot to finish them when they’re down. A double barrel shotgun at point blank range is very effective for this, but a nice handgun works just as well.

There are six different maps to choose from at launch, with DLC already being hinted at. They are Prospector’s Peak, Deadwater Ranch, Devil’s Pit, Bad Blood Valley, Sinner’s Gulch, and Fort Turnbull. Each map has its own pro’s and con’s and different modes available for it.

The graphics are great for a downloadable title, and the download itself wasn’t overly large. The character models and weapons are nicely detailed and and their animations are very smooth. The maps are detailed as well and are laid out nicely, and with proper planning, can be used to your advantage. Some backdrops aren’t overly detailed, but they are just backdrops.

The soundtrack to the game is classic Old West style music and fits right in with the over all theme of the game. The tempo can rise and fall with whatever you’re doing and adds to the feeling of intensity at times. The weapons have different sounds depending on what you’re using. The sound of a shotgun around a corner can’t be mistaken for a handgun, and the crack of a sniper rifle has it’s own sound as well.

The Old West hasn’t had any decent online shooters to represent it, and Fatshark did a nice job with this one. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is a fun game that can give you hours of playtime for a low price.