New Dead Space 2 Screens, Trailer Arrive

The Dead Space 2 website has been updated, and boy does it have visuals to make any fan’s mouth water.

While there aren’t a ton of visuals, the ones that are up are beautiful. In HD glory, they show off a concept art piece of the USG Ishimura floating in space, Isaac seemingly losing his mind, a memorial to the Ishimura and a shot of Isaac’s suit covered in blood after, we assume, eviscerating a Necromorph or two or five hundred or so.

The visuals offer a nice glimpse into the game and of course are a great reminder of how wonderful the first title’s art direction was and how gorgeous Dead Space 2 already is shaping up to be. Also, the new trailer for Dead Space 2 can be seen after the break. Lots of Dead Space 2 goodness courtesy of Visceral and EA.

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