Small Group of Halo 2 Fans Continue Playing

The original Xbox LIVE service shut down nearly two weeks ago yet a group of 13 players continue to play Halo 2. The players haven’t shut down their Xbox’s since the original Xbox LIVE service went down and as a result they have remained online, playing Halo 2 whenever they get a chance.

A post on Bungie’s boards alerted us to the dedicated group of 13 who are all that’s remaining of a once larger group. These dedicated fans have slowly seen their numbers shrink thanks to their internet connections dropping, their Xbox’s overheating and, perhaps power outages claiming their connectivity as well. These ultimate Halo 2 fans are an impressive group and have apparently become good friends over the past couple of weeks, bonding through custom maps and online play dedicated to a dying online game.

“Throughout the past week,” writes Joe Campell on the boards, “a small group of dedicated Halo 2 players kept their Xbox’s on so that they could enjoy the game for a while longer. (As long as we don’t turn off our Xbox’s, or lose connection, we can stay online. Our Xbox’s have been on for nearly 13 days straight) Each day the amount of people decreased, at a rapid rate.

“A lot of us became really good friends, and it’s almost like we’re family now.”

The group is attempting to keep a live stream going, showing off their games for the world to see. One of the players, Z0mbie Stench, has been streaming the games via her webcam, to which a link is located below. It’s well worth watching to capture a monumental gaming moment.

This dedication shows how passionate people can be about their games. There are lots of multiplayer experiences but its rare to find one where gamers are willing to stay online for weeks on end to keep their favorite game going as long as they can. While they haven’t been forcibly removed, the group does worry that they will be ousted before their time is up.

“We will keep playing until we are forcibly removed. It could be by Microsoft, Bungie, our Xbox’s overheating, or just lagging out. Not for competition, not for a prize, but for the love, and memory of Halo 2.”

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