New Dead Rising 2 Screens Arrive From Captivate

Dead Rising 2 is one of my most anticipated titles for 2010. This is because I have an unfettered love for zombie films, books and games. It’s something about the world you inhabit. Zombies everywhere, hopelessness throughout the world and yet people continue to fight on. Zombies encapsulate our fears of our own mortality and zombie events amplify human nature. Night of the Living Dead examined race relations and prejudices in dire situations, Dawn of the Dead laughed at human consumption and our obsession with “things”. And Shaun of the Dead just made me laugh.

But Dead Rising was pure, unadulterated fun. Killing zombies left and right while saving the girl (and a bunch of idiot civilians) and attempting to make it out alive with a great article for the paper. Dead Rising was hampered by certain failures such as the awful save system and an unforgiving ending where, because of the save system, if you made a mistake and didn’t survive you had to start the whole game over. No going back to a previous save.

Dead Rising 2 is aiming to be “less Japanese,” and hopefully even more badass. It features customizable weapons and Fortune City, a Vegas-like environs to explore and bash in undead heads. Check out the screens below from Captivate and get excited for its August 31 release date on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. A prequel (aka a demo) named Case Zero will arrive on Xbox LIVE prior to the game’s release and we’ll let you know when it’s being released as soon as we know.