PAX East Coverage (Or, What You Can Expect To Learn Over The Next Few Days)

Yes, we were there and we are going to be bringing serious coverage. Here’s a list of previews and articles you guys can expect to see in the next few days from us here at Terminal Gamer!

Two Worlds II Exclusive Early Preview

Red Dead Redemption Hands-On Preview

Mafia II Hands-On Preview

Deca Sports 2 Hands-On Preview

Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-Op Preview

Crackdown 2 Hands-On Preview

All Points Bulletin Hands-On Preview

Headsets that are worth your hard-earned money

We were hitting the ground hard, standing in line for hours, checking out the latest titles, banging our heads to ridiculous 5.1 surround sound headsets and watching massive fragfests. And, if there’s something we aren’t specifically previewing here but you want to know about, just leave a comment below, we’ll try and get your interests covered! We saw lots and lots of games and gadgets from across the industry and had our minds blown in the process. Just don’t ask about our feet. They’re tired.