The New (3D) DS from Nintendo

A few days ago, the climax of all my aspirations was the new DSi XL that’s arriving shortly here in the U.S. Now I have to set my sights on something greater…and in a different dimension. The true successor to the DS is coming out next year, the 3DS.

According to reports, this handheld from Nintendo will allow users to experience 3D without goofy glasses. Yeah, you know the one’s we’re talking about. Nintendo is following the money, where human interest is in 3D films, TV and now, games.

But many would ask how Nintendo will manage to ditch the glasses. After all, aren’t glasses the only way 3D can work? Not necessarily. had a talk with Neil Dodgson, a 3D displays expert based at Cambridge University, and he says that it is possible with ‘lenticular technology’.

This term describes a long lens with a flat back and a curved front that the 3DS most likely will use, saying, “the lenticules direct the pixels’ light in different directions, so each eye sees only every alternate column of pixels. The graphics chip renders two images, one for the left eye and one for the right. These two images are displayed on the two sets of alternating columns of pixels.”

This sounds like it will be hard to pull off in such a small machine, but Nintendo has proven to be the leading innovator in gaming since the company was founded. Something tells me that if 3D is going handheld, it’s quite literally in good hands. Pokemon in 3D anyone?