New Medal of Honor Screens Show Off Afghanistan War

Medal of Honor’s reboot is coming to the Afghanistan conflict, and if early screenshots are any indication, it will be bringing a serious dose of realism to the shooter genre. The game will focus on “scalpel’s,” operatives who quietly and covertly take out the enemy and “sledgehammer’s,” the regular military boots who fight in large numbers against Taliban forces.

The developers are proud that work on their product includes the advice and guidance of Afghanistan war veterans and they are excited to be focusing on two distinct aspects of the war. At GDC yesterday, select media outlets had the opportunity to check out the scalpel aspect of the game and EA subsequently released screens from the action. The screens aren’t the prettiest shots we’ve ever seen, but they still look might impressive. Immediately noticeable is the amount of detail that’s gone into the game. The scalpel operatives are outfitted with bandanas and aspects of traditional Afghan clothing as they run through Al Qaeda camps that are scattered with light snow in the high mountains.

The move to Afghanistan is an exciting opportunity for EA to bring Medal of Honor into the modern warfare age and tackle a contemporary theater of war. Hopefully they don’t aim to go over the top and provide unrealistic Afghanistan war situations (or, you know, segue that into a story involving a terrorist and a Russian invasion of the U.S.)

Medal of Honor will be arriving in Q2 Fiscal 2011, which falls between July and September of this year. The single player experience is being developed by EA Los Angeles while DICE (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) is handling the multiplayer development.

Check out the new screens below.

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