Human Soft Announces HardGrip Rock Climbing Game For Wii

Human Soft announced today that they are developing the first extreme rock climbing game for the Wii.  The game, which is titled HardGrip, will employ the use of Wii MotionPlus and will feature rock climbing challenges in locations all across the world, ranging from casual climbs to competitive races on the world scene.

The gameplay is part sports simulation, part puzzle solving, as players will have to think quickly and carefully to find ways around deadly obstacles, or else fall to their demise.  HardGrip will feature some of the most realistic graphics of any Wii games to date, and will use this to instill a true sense of vertigo in players.

“Free climbing is all about style and creativity.  Just making it to the top fast isn’t the point if you used an easy route.  By incorporating MotionPlus we can capture that competitive spirit in a game for the first time,” commented Human Soft CEO, Gabor Kadas.

Featuring crisp graphics, fluid gameplay, and a real sense of vertigo, HardGrip is poised to be the most realistic rock climbing simulator in the world, and has the potential to finally be the first true sports game that excels specifically on the Wii.  No release date has been confirmed yet, although Human Soft has announced that they are developing the game for other motion-based systems as well as the Wii, most likely to include Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Arc.