King’s Quest IV – VI and Gabriel Knight 2 Now On Good Old Games

Finally, the day has come. My wishes have come true. Good Old Games, which recently worked out a deal with Activision to sell classic Sierra titles, has brought Sierra’s greatest games to their service.

King’s Quest IV, V, and VI is soon to be available, and the classic adventure title, Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within is already available to download.

Here is my assurance now to any cautious or only mildly curious shoppers. Buy both the King’s Quest collection and Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. While I can’t speak for King’s Quest IV, King’s Quest V and Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within are two of the greatest PC games ever released. And King’s Quest VI, in my mind, goes beyond both of them. It is, quite simply, stunning.

King’s Quest V tells the story of King Graham, who returns home from a walk to discover that a evil wizard has enchanted and moved his castle, taking King Graham’s family with it in a wild whirlwind. The game follows King Graham’s attempts to confront and defeat the evil wizard, Mordack and rescue his family.

King’s Quest VI follows the story of Prince Alexander, the son of King Graham from King’s Quest V. After falling in love with the beautiful Princess Cassima, with whom he was imprisoned by the evil wizard Mordack, Prince Alexander is determined to travel to her homeland to win her heart. While searching for her mysterious kingdom, the Green Isles, his ship wrecks and Alexander finds himself washed up on her shores. However, she has once again been imprisoned as the evil Vizier of the Green Isles, Abdul Alhazred has taken over the kingdom and intends to make her his wife. Alexander will travel throughout the Green Isles to rescue her as he visits unique islands populated by stunning creatures and landscapes and even travels to the Underworld to resurrect her murdered parents.

King’s Quest VI is not only an amazing game, it is regarded as the best among the fabled King’s Quest series. It was even one of the first games to feature different endings based upon your actions, made with the intention that the game can be replayed. GameSpot included the game in its list of the Greatest Games of All Time.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within is regarded as one of the great point-and-click adventures of all time and was designed by Jane Jensen, who helped write King’s Quest VI with Roberta Williams. It tells the story of Gabriel Knight and his assistant, Grace Nakimura. Knight, a mystery writer, inherits a castle in a small German village and is implored upon by the villagers to investigate a mysterious death of a little girl which they believe was caused by a werewolf. The adventure takes the characters from the small village to Munich to the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle high in the Bavarian Alps. The adventure game featured filmed actors much like in Phantasmagoria and was hailed for its stunning graphics and fascinating storyline.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within is available on Good Old Games for only $5.99 and King’s Quest IV – VI will be available later this week for only $9.99. For little more than the cost of a 12-pack of beer you can play some of the greatest games ever made. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. I’m begging you.

Check out trailers for both Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within and King’s Quest IV – VI below.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

King’s Quest IV – VI