Sony: Motion Control Not Just For Casual Gamers

Sony is seeking to reassure ‘hardcore’ gamers that they won’t be forgotten come the motion control revolution.

Motion control has become associated with ‘casual games’ in the eyes of many, ever since Nintendo’s Wii encouraged your gran to put down her knitting and try a spot of virtual bowling, but Sony believes there is another way.

Rob Dyer, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Senior Vice-President of Publisher Relations, said: “We have games that will address both the casual consumer and the core. This is not something we take lightly at all. We’re going to have games coming from third parties that are hardcore games – these are not fluff pieces – which will incorporate the motion controller. Given our tagline ‘It Only Does Everything’, we feel the motion controller will only expand on that and give the consumer a great experience.”

Time will tell whether this promise bears fruit – although given the third-party reluctance to develop ‘hardcore’ games for Wii, Sony may be promising more than they can deliver.

Source: Industry Gamers