SEGA Not Developing Sonic 4

We were all pretty giddy here when we learned about Sonic 4. After all, we all have great memories of playing Sonic back in the old days. You know, when Sonic was actually good? And simple? It seems that SEGA will not be developing the recently-announced Sonic 4. Instead, according to Kotaku, Sonic 4 will be developed by Dimps, the team that worked with Capcom on Street Fighter IV and developed Sonic Rush and Sonic Advance.

It’s been years since a truly great Sonic game has been released, but it appears that SEGA is on the right track by tagging Dimps to develop the title as the rumored first screens that were leaked earlier this week look like an excellent return to the 2D stylings that we so greatly remember. Sonic is all about speed and simplicity and hopefully Dimps will be able to nail down the old Sonic formula to create a game that this current generation of gamers can remember with a smile on their faces.