THQ Delivering “Massive” Darksiders Demo February 25th

Darksiders was a critically acclaimed release last month on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and THQ wants you to buy the game if you haven’t yet. First, THQ rewarded early purchasers of the game with Red Faction: Guerilla and an exclusive book about the creation of Darksiders and now they want to pull in you folks who still haven’t played the game by offering a demo that, for an average player, should take about 90-minutes to complete. The demo will be released on Xbox LIVE and PSN on February 25.

That’s a good ol’ chunk of gaming there. Hell, with some games, that’s half of the complete experience (yeah, we’re looking at you, Rogue Warrior).

Explaining the decision to release a demo more than a month after the game’s release, developer Vigil Games’ General Manager David Adams said that they, “really wanted to give gamers a true idea of the variety of gameplay that the game offers. Rather than just making a standard 20-minute demo version of the first few levels, we decided to give away this massive level and reveal the true essence of the game.”

The demo will include the first dungeon from Darksiders, which features not one, but two bosses. That’s intense, and seriously, the last time a demo sucked me in and provided a lengthy game experience? How about Half-Life: Uplink. Yeah, that was the extraordinary demo that I played over and over again for weeks and months while I saved up the funds to buy Half-Life. That was 1998. That was a long time ago. So kudos to Darksiders for giving gamers a real reason to download a demo. After all, what sells a good product better than a solid demo that highlights every aspect of the game. The longer, the better, I say.

Oh, and no offense to Rogue Warrior fans. I’m sure there are lots of you out there.