Diablo III’s Female Barbarian Appears

Blizzard is slowly letting us all get a glimpse at Diablo III. After revealing the female monk last week, they’ve now unveiled concept art and an in-game screenshot showing off the muscular female warrior garbed in heavy armor and extensive breast spillage.

Yes, it appears that female Barbarians need lots of protection but still want to show off their goods – which, actually, seems to be a trend in gaming. Bayonetta, you SO didn’t need to get naked to perform spells.

However, it is nice to see that she isn’t a waifish figure and actually looks muscular / like she could toss me across a room and put a boot where I don’t want one to be. All details so far on Diablo III are pointing to a seriously awesome gaming experience though it may still be years before we get to actually play it.

Check out the full concept art and her in-game image from the Barbarian class page after the break.