Shiren Releases Stateside on Wii

Atlus, makers of Demon’s Souls, Odin Sphere, and the Shin Megami Tensei series, announced that Shiren The Wanderer was released Stateside today.

Shiren The Wanderer tells the story of a princess that has slept inside the Karakuri Mansion for 1,000 years. When Shiren’s former master bestows upon him the Karakuri key, he quickly finds himself entangled in a millennium-old mystery, wandering through past and present to unravel the story of the girl and to vanquish an ancient, lurking evil…

The Shiren series has always been lauded for its deep, narration-driven stories. From the sounds of it, this entry is no exception.

Atlus was also kind enough list some key features of the game, which can be seen below.

  • Epic adventure in feudal Japan — As the wandering samurai Shiren, you will explore a vision of historic Japan that is beautiful and vibrant. An epic story that begins 1000 years prior takes you through villages and dungeons and places you alongside figures straight out of Japanese mythology.
  • Variable challenge — A brand new easy mode lets even newcomers to the genre find a foothold while experienced players will find a more rigorous challenge in Normal mode. Post-game activities will test the most advanced gamer with additional quests, super dungeons, a tournament, and the “ultimate challenge”-the Millennium Dungeon, a pain-staking 1,000 floor dungeon crawl.
  • Challenging depth and strategy — Control your time in the dungeons down to the details. Choose direct control over your party members or take advantage of the excellent AI that lets you specify attitude and tendency. Power up equipment through the new Dragon Orb system, and imbue them with special abilities via more than 100 Seals. New Spells allow targeted casting of effects on enemies.

If it sounds right up your alley, got out and get a copy.