Xbox 360 To Be Implemented In Hospitals?

February 11, 2010 The Xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming mediums out there. It’s the preferred console of many first-person shooter fans, has the strongest community features of the big three, and has recently been undergoing a lot of improvements, both to fix hardware issues and to get it ready for Natal. But for all the great things that can be said about it, the Xbox 360 is also the oldest “current gen” console on the market. Recently, many gamers have been trading in their Xbox 360s for the Wii’s new twist on gaming or the more hardcore PlayStation 3. Microsoft’s response to this? Target a new, more professional audience.

Microsoft’s research and development department has been hard at work looking for new ways to use their system. Their newest idea is to use it in hospital rooms. According to Kotaku, “One potential application is to combine the 360’s relatively low cost and dedicated performance to feed information from electronic medical record onto in-room display screens for patients.” This would give patients a better sense of involvement in their health care and well being. Instead of just going on the doctor’s word, patients would be able to see their charts and test results in the blink of an eye, whenever they wanted.

The technology, if implemented correctly, has the potential to revolutionize health care as we know it. In a recent interview, Eric Chang, director of technology strategy at Microsoft Research Asia, stated “I think that’s really going to allow us to have personalized medicine.” From instantly generated in- room charts and test results to hands free entertainment for injured or weak patients, Microsoft’s Xbox could literally change the definition of medical technology.