Rock of the Dead is Guaranteed GOTY

Use Your Guitar To Vanquish Zombie Hordes

February 11, 2010 So, who remembers Typing of the Dead? The weirdest, most infuriating, most terrifying and most satisfying horror game ever concocted is getting a spiritual sequel. Rock of the Dead is coming to the Wii and it’s exactly what it sounds like – zombie enemies destroyed by mind-blowing virtual fretplay.

Making a game for the Wii that uses a guitar controller only might seem like narrowing your options, but when you consider just how many people have bought Wiis and Rock/Hero games, that particular Venn diagram must have a massive overlap, so fair enough. Add to that the fact that the game will likely cost only $30-$40 and there’s no excuse for any guitar/Wii owners not to pick this up.

The brilliance of Typing of the Dead was that it took all the familiarity and power of the gun away, and replaced it with the panic of potential misspells. The zombies didn’t just pop out at you, they lumbered forward inexorably while your clumsy fingers fell over all the wrong keys. Throw in the need for a sense of rhythm and Rock of the Dead should show most ‘action’ games how adrenaline is really done.

Oh, and did we mention that Neil Patrick Harris will star with Felicia Day as his love interest? No news of Nathan Fillion making an appearance, while rumours of a cameo by Bad Horse remain wild speculation (because we just made them up).

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Matt Bolton

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