PS3 Getting 3D Update in Summer

Sony Confirms That 3D Update Coming To PlayStation 3 in Time For 3D Bravia TV Release

February 11, 2010 With Sony planning to launch its first range of 3D Bravia TVs this summer, the PlayStation 3 will be getting a couple of firmware updates to enable full stereoscopic decadence.

In a Q&A with Pocket Lint, Sony’s John Koller confirmed that the PS3’s update would coincide with the release of the 3DTVs and that several 3D games are in the works. He didn’t go into specifics, but intriguingly did mention the motion controller in the same breath, so maybe a 3D lightsaber game is coming sooner than we’d ever dared imagine. Or, in a more realistic hope, maybe Gran Turismo 5 will have 3D support and will launch alongside the firmware updates.

Most home 3DTVs will use Active Shutter glasses technology, rather than the polarisation glasses used during Avatar. Polarised glasses don’t allow for viewing the 3D images in 1080p full HD, but Active Shutter technology does. The downside is that there can be some visible flickering of images if the TV doesn’t have a high enough refresh rate. Also, they cost a lot more and look even more ridiculous when you’re sitting with your family.