Original Xbox DLC Restored

After Complaints That DLC For Original Xbox Titles Was Inaccessible, Microsoft Fixes The Problem

February 11, 2010 – Microsoft has re-opened the DLC channels for original Xbox gamers after numerous complaints surfaced that access to DLC content for games such as Halo 2 had been stopped.

Last week, Microsoft announced that Xbox Live service for original Xbox titles would cease on April 15 in order to support new content. The news hit at a core of gamers who still play original Xbox titles either on the old Xbox or on the Xbox 360. Titles like Halo 2 are still immensely popular and gamers were angered to discover that earlier this week and possibly even last week – immediately following Microsoft’s announcement – DLC access went offline.

Microsoft quickly responded to the complaints saying in an e-mail to Joystiq: “We are aware that Xbox v1 users are currently unable to access downloadable content via Xbox Live, both for the original console and Xbox Originals on Xbox 360. The team is actively working on resolving this issue so that the Xbox v1 community can continue downloading content until April 15.”

Microsoft has clarified that the DLC service is back up and will remain up until the April 15 deadline. Via Twitter, Xbox’s Larry Hryb said, “If you’re looking for the DLC for Original Xbox games, it should be back available on #XboxLIVE. Thanks for waiting.”