The Grinder No Longer A Wii Exclusive

High Voltage CEO Reveals That The Grinder Is Coming To Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

February 11, 2010– In an interview with High Voltage CEO Kerry Ganofsky and Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger last week, IGN’s Matt Casamiassina learned a couple of interesting things.

The biggest tidbit he gleaned was that The Grinder, looking to be the Wii’s biggest Mature game, is no longer an exclusive. It will be released on the 360, PS3, and PC. The fateful moment came when IGN asked if Grinder would still be a Wii exclusive and the response was:

“Kerry: Our secret is out! Grinder is no longer a Wii exclusive. We plan to ship on Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and PC as well.

Eric: Bringing our third internal IP to all the current-generation systems allows us to show off what our company can really do and get it into the hands of the most gamers.”

This comes as a major hit for the Wii, which has always been a little parched for exclusive M-rated games. With the game coming out on three other consoles, how well will it do on Nintendo’s little white box?

Other interesting topics such as improvements to the Quantum 3 engine, which was used to create the sleek graphics of The Conduit, such as improved lighting dynamics and texture resolution came up. Even though the The Grinder is no longer only on the Wii, I think it’ll sell well enough.

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Eric Surrell

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