Nintendo to Reveal Something ‘Special’ This Month

Press Members Invited To Summit February 24, “Significant Reveal” Hinted At

February 10, 2010 Nintendo has something up its sleeve. It started with the last issue of the US Official Nintendo Magazine announcing a significant reveal for its next issue. Now some of the gaming press has been invited a Media Summit on February 24th in San Francisco. That leaves two weeks for rampant speculation.

Our money’s on Metroid: Other M making an appearance. Team Ninja’s take on Samus has been said to be due this Summer, so it would make sense for a playable version to appear soon. Super Mario Galaxy 2 could also be shown off, as it seemed to be in a fairly advanced stage when it was debuted at E3 last year. However, it doesn’t seem likely that SMG2 will be out until the end of 2010, so Nintendo might be saving it for this year’s E3.

One game we feel pretty confident suggesting won’t be at the summit is the new Zelda. Having what could be the biggest reveal of the year at a small event with a few journos seems unlikely, even to the most optimistic of us. Show your latest masterpiece to a hall of baying, rabid game junkies at E3… or a room of cynical critics in late February?

Of course, we all know that none of the above matters. Not when Nintendo will totally show off a new F-Zero/Pikmin/Kid Icarus/Star Fox/Mother/Fire Emblem/game by Rare, who have finally come home to Mama (delete according to preference).