GameFly Going Public

Company Files A $50 Million IPO

February 10, 2010 – GameFly is going public. The popular game rental service, which boasts 334,000 subscribers, will be available as a stock option in the near future as a result of their IPO registration filing.

The company has filed an initial public offering worth $50 million with the Securities and Exchange Commission and has applied to have their stock symbol be “GFLY”. If GameFly’s IPO application is accepted, the company’s stock will be traded on NASDAQ.

The IPO filing includes a bevy of details about the company which were previously unknown. In addition to the subscribers figure mentioned at the beginning of the story, the IPO filing also stated that GameFly generated $84.7 million in revenue during the 2009 Fiscal Year and that GameFly owns a collection of web sites that draw in 4.4 million monthly visitors.

Source: Joystiq

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