2K Fails to Learn From Mistakes; Screws Up BioShock 2 Widescreen

PC Gamers Scream Foul Again As BioShock 2 Experiences Same Widescreen Issues as BioShock

February 10, 2010 – When the original BioShock was released in 2007 the PC version had a strange glitch. Instead of displaying in actual widescreen format, the game lopped the top and bottom off of the standard 4:3 ratio. Basically, instead of seeing more to the left and right of the center of the screen, players just saw less of the top and bottom, essentially faking a 16:9 aspect ratio.

PC gamers were rightfully angry and 2K eventually patched the game, fixing the issue. With the release of Bioshock 2 yesterday gamers were finally able to return to Rapture. What they didn’t anticipate was returning to the same widescreen issue. Thankfully this time 2K is acting quicker and assures gamers that a patch is coming as soon as possible.

Source: 2K Forums

Thanks to Kotaku for the spliced-screen.