Play the Heavy Rain Demo Today

Heavy Rain’s Demo Isn’t Due Out For A Week, But Opportunity Exists To Play Now

February 5, 2010 – Quantic Dream’s highly anticipated dramatic thriller, Heavy Rain, isn’t due out until February 23 and the demo isn’t even due out for another week. However, Sony recently launched a website called Precinct 52, which allows fans to play a game in which they must submit four pieces of key evidence regarding the case of the Origami Killer. If players submit the four correct pieces of evidence, they are rewarded with a code to download and play the Heavy Rain demo right now!

If you want a shot at getting your hands on the demo, read on.

Once you go to the website (link below), you will be required to go through a quick registration process. Once you register and sign in, you will see a cork-board with a variety of photos tacked to it, all connected by lengths of thread. Select the four correct photos, and you will get a code to download the Heavy Rain, demo. Select even one wrong photo, though, and your opportunity is lost. You only have one chance, so be careful. The pieces of evidence you need are as follows:

– Tyre Tracks (117h)

– Origami Bird

– Coffee Shop C (has the word “DINER” in the photo)

– Cigarette Butt B (second choice after clicking on the photo of the cigarette butt)

After confirming your choices of evidence, you will be treated to a message informing you that the case has been upgraded to “Bureau,” and that you were instrumental in finding more for the authorities to go on. More importantly though, you will receive your code to download the Heavy Rain demo.

Play the game at Precinct 52.