Fake Egg Gets Real Money

Gamer Pays $69,696 For A Mysterious Egg In Planet Calypso

February 5, 2010 In Planet Calypso, the world’s largest real money MMO from developer/publisher First Planet Company, a rare virtual egg which absolutely no one has any idea of what it will hatch into sold for $69,696 USD in an Auction. This follows on the heels of their announcement that a playable area, the Crystal Palace, exchanged player hands for $330,000 USD.

For those who don’t know, Planet Calypso is a real money MMO. Players can exchange real money for a special currency in the game to purchase items, houses, shops, hunting/fishing/mining rights to areas, and other aspects of the game. For instance, the player who headed the virtual egg sale, Neverdie, mortgaged his home to buy an in-game Asteroid for 10,000 USD in 2005. He reports the move paid itself off within a year.

“The sale of the Atrox Queen Egg is another example of the incredibly unique world and economy we offer in our game. While you don’t need thousands of dollars, or even tens of dollars to play Planet Calypso, it’s sales like these that truly separate our virtual world from any other on the planet,” said Marco Behrmann, CEO of First Planet Company. “We are introducing a new quest system soon and the epicprice tag of this Egg, which was a quest treasure itself, will energize a new generation of virtual pioneers looking to make their mark.”

On a personal aside: It truly frightens me that people are willing to pay nearly 70,000 USD for something no one knows about. That’s more than I owe for college.

Eric Surrell

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