505 Games and Buka Studio Announce The Swarm

Xbox 360 Exclusive Will Allow Players To Absorb Alien DNA, Fight Off Invaders In Destroyed Moscow

February 4, 2010- In a press release issued yesterday, 505 Games, publishers of IL-2 Stromovik: Birds of Prey, and Buka Studio announced a new project called The Swarm for the Xbox 360. The Swarm takes place in a Moscow destroyed by nuclear weapons during an alien invasion. A press release from 505 Games stated that, “The Swarm forces players to choose between absorbing alien DNA – and powerful skills — at the cost of gradually become a monster, or retaining their own humanity to fight off the alien invaders.”

Sounds almost like a cross between Too Human on 360 and Alien Syndrome on Wii. Both games featured a pseudo-emphasis on modification vs. humanity though it was terribly underplayed in both. The Swarm holds a promise of taking this player-driven element deeper as:

Players will solve DNA mini-games and puzzles for the option to absorb new abilities and become more adept at fighting tougher enemies. Players can then build and change alien DNA chains to improve different abilities like harvested energy from the bodies of defeated enemies, increased regeneration rate, enhanced vision or develop physical manifestations with access to energy weapons and sharp claws.

President of 505 Games, Adam Kline, goes on to say, “This is not your standard third-person shooter. The game’s adaptive combat allows players to mold their characters, draw them into the alien takeover and force them to make tough decisions typically not found in other shooter games.”

The game also features a variety of weapons ranging from pistols to clubs, mutated claws to flame throwers, and other weapons like grenades. Look forward to saving the world in May 2010 on the Xbox 360.

Eric Surrell

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