Is Your Tiny Pig-Sticker Just Not Cutting It?

3D Dot Hero’s “Natural Sword Enhancement” Touted in Trailer

February 4,2009 – Atlus, maker of the ever-popular Persona series and publisher of many quirky games, has released a “Natural Sword Enhancement” vignette for its upcoming PS3 exclusive 3D Dot Hero. The trailer details the woes of being less-than-adequately endowed in the bladed melee weapon, and offers “natural sword enhancement” from the local Blacksmith.

For those who don’t know about 3D Dot Hero, it has been called a “love-explosion” to retro games by several gaming news sites and Atlus itself, featuring levels, enemies, and characters made up of crisp, three-dimensional, 8-bit-esque graphics and carries a fun story of rescuing the princess and saving the world.

Get your hot helping of humorous humongous swording below.