EA Sports Unleashes Details About FIFA Online

Details Include FIFA World Cup Online and Offline Modes, Mouse Control and More

February 4, 2010 – Today EA Sports unveiled new information about the FIFA Online beta. The game, which will allow players to take on adversaries in a game of soccer from their desks at work, is coming to North America and Europe after years of popularity in Asia.

FIFA Online will allow players to take control of the team with just a mouse. EA Sports is touting the ability to take control of your players with just two buttons, allowing for superior defensive and offensive skills while also allowing management from the sidelines.

Players will be able to upgrade their team’s skill sets as they nurture talent and utilize player upgrades to become highly competitive.

An intuitive online match-up system will pit players against similarly talented individuals in order to ensure a high level of competition.

FIFA Online will also feature a “completely authentic recreation of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.” EA Sports clarifies that gamers will be able to play the game offline with their favorite nation, battling from the group stages to the final.

In addition, there will also be an online multiplayer World Cup. The multiplayer mode will challenge players even more as they have to battle through other players to reach the world cup final. Only the best FIFA Online player will be World Cup champion.

FIFA Online will also include an in-game chat application which will allow gamers to make friends and track progress via a private Leaderboard.

Over the next few weeks EA Sports will continue to unveil information about FIFA Online. The beta can be accessed via EA Sports FIFA Online website and is available to anyone interested in playing.

Source: EA Sports