Guitar Hero Boss Departs

Guitar Hero Boss Daniel Rosensweig Leaves To Pursue Post At Textbook Rental Company Amidst Declining Music Game Sales

February 2, 2010 – Daniel Rosensweig left his post today as President and CEO of Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise in order to assume the same roles at Chegg, a textbook rental company.

Chegg is a fast-growing textbook service that offers strong deals on textbooks and raised $112 million dollars recently. Rosensweig clarified his decision to leave the franchise by saying, “The opportunity to lead one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies that offers real financial value to students is unparalleled. has a powerful business model and, I believe, the opportunity to transform the textbook industry.”

The new boss in charge of Guitar Hero will be David Haddad who was formerly the COO of the brand.

The move comes as music games saw a steep drop in sales in 2009. The Guitar Hero franchise didn’t fare well, with DJ Hero and Band Hero failing to live up to sales expectations. Guitar Hero 5 sold only 996,000 and music game were down 46% in 2009 overall despite the release of The Beatles: Rock Band which sold more than a million copies but again failed to live up to expectations.

Source: Gamasutra